A new Magento Connector is now available: discover Pim2Magento!

Akeneo is excited to announce a new Magento connector is now available on our marketplace: Pim2Magento. 

Developed by our partner Trilix, a German software development company specializing in Magento and Akeneo, the Pim2Magento connector simplifies the connection between the two platforms and is designed to handle frequent data synchronization between the two applications. Based on the Magento2 Rest API, the connector lets you export categories, families, attributes and their options, products (simple and configurable), and media data from Akeneo PIM to Magento2. And, the connector supports localization and doesn’t require any extensions to Magento.

Usable with both the Community and Enterprise Editions of Akeneo PIM, this new connector is currently compatible with version 1.7 and will soon be compatible with Akeneo PIM 2.0 features.

Key attributes of the Pim2Magento connector include:

  • Easy to setup, configure, and use
  • Minimizes dependencies between apps so each can evolve independently
  • Efficiency in transferring data from Akeneo to Magento
  • Ability to reliably manage frequent data updates

Trilix created a video that shows how the Pim2Magento connector works. Check out this video of the connector in action.

Ready to power your Magento and Akeneo integration? You can download the new Pim2Magento connector on the Akeneo marketplace. For further information, please contact the Trilix team at p2m.trilix.co

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