Go Global with Akeneo, the 1.5 Edition is now available!


Dear Community,

We are really excited to announce that Akeneo PIM 1.5 Community and Enterprise Editions are released today, March, 8th 2016.

This new version is mainly focused on user experience and on localisation. Among the main improvements:

  • Users can now choose their own interface language.
  • Dates, numbers & currencies can now be imported, exported and displayed following the user locale (decimal mark, dates formats, …).
  • Users can now have their own default view.
  • Collaborative workflow for the Enterprise Edition has been significantly improved: users are now able to do partial reviews on proposals (they can validate or reject only a subset of attributes) and can navigate more efficiently through pending proposals.


Make sure to have a look at the changelog and check our release note to get full list of new features and improvements!

If you are already using one of our older versions, you can use the upgrade instructions to update to the latest version.

We will hold a webinar to dive into this new version and to answer all your questions on Tuesday, March 15th, at 5pm CET.

There will be only one session, so if you want to attend, save the date and register now! The webinar will be also recorded and will be available on our youtube channel a few days later.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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