Five good reasons to adopt a PIM system prior to your e-commerce project – Reason #1

PIM (Product Information Management) is still a nebulous concept for a lot of people. And it’s sometime difficult to understand why a dedicated tool is needed for catalog management. Here are five good reasons to think about PIM before starting your e-commerce project.

Reason #1 – Give your product information the time it (really) deserves

Save time with Akeneo PIM

When launching a new e-commerce website, you will have a ton of things to think about: design, SEO, e-marketing, the sales funnel, payment providers, warehouse management, etc.

Structuring your product information will be only one item among many in preparing this project. And you can already bet on the fact that you won’t be able to spend much time on this particular one.

A PIM project is a unique opportunity to spend some time asking yourself the right questions about your catalog:

  •      How should your products be classified?
  •      How many attributes will you need for each product family?
  •      Which ones will be used now or in the near future for faceted navigation?
  •      Where does your data (ERP, suppliers, your team, etc.) come from?
  •      What is the level of data quality required for your e-commerce website? And for your future channels?

And you know what else? The time you will spend on this project won’t be lost, as it can be reused directly for your e-commerce system integration!

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Reason #2 – Avoid spreadsheet nightmares >>

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