Beta Partner Program – Become a PIM pioneer !

As we are getting closer from our first public beta release (end of this month), we are receiving more and more demands from companies who would like to start testing Akeneo.

We believe that a strong network of system integrator partners will be the key for successful implementations of Akeneo. And we are also convinced that we need to focus on the quality of this network before its size.

That’s why we will launch simultaneously with our beta release a first partner program. It will allow a small number of system integrators (no more than five per country) with a proven track record of success in the PIM and e-commerce area to access extra support from our team during beta.

Here are some of the benefits we want to provide to those beta partners :

  • Technical training & support
  • Presales assistance
  • Code review & joint developments
  • Direct access to the core team

If you are a system integrator and want to be a part of this great adventure, please drop us an email at hello[at]akeneo[dot]com or send us a message through our contact form. We will send you all the details to move forward.

We look forward to build great PIM projects together!

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