Back from European Magento Community Events

This past week has been busy for the Magento community with great events in Amsterdam (MeetMagento NL), in Leipzig (MeetMagento DE) and in Paris (Bargento Paris). All of these events where absolutly stunning and inspiring!

It was a first opportunity for Akeneo to meet the community and to present our product. We wrote for this occasion a short story : the story of Julia, a marketer working for a fictive company called Zaro, fighting as best one can to provide rich and consistent product information for her company. You can watch below this presentation.

We have been truly amazed by all the feedbacks we had after these conferences. Obviously there are a lot of Julia who recognized themselves in our story! We are glad that our vision of what should be a good PIM system found an echo in your own personnal stories.

Many of you asked if it would be possible to take a look at our code before our beta release in September. We are currently thinking about a Beta Partner Program to make this possible. We will keep you informed through this blog.

Please do not stop to send us your feedbacks in comments or through our contact form. We really look forward to it!

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