Akeneo Marketplace is open!

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After months of expectations, the Akeneo Marketplace is finally opening today! To discover it, simply go on http://marketplace.akeneo.com/.

The Marketplace is a single repository for Akeneo users and developers to discover all the available extensions to customize and enhance their PIM experience. There are already a few existing contributions and we are sure that this marketplace will be continually enriched by our community to offer new connectors and tools. Our Marketplace support listing free open source extensions as well as paid extensions.

Want to contribute and propose your own extension to this marketplace? The process is straight forward:

  1. Go on http://marketplace.akeneo.com
  2. Create an account or use the credentials you are already using on our website/forum
  3. Select « Add an extension » and make sure to select the « 3rd party service or website » option as Akeneo PIM is not compatible with the Oro Platform Package Manager
  4. Add your extension details, categories, images and type (paid or free)
  5. Click on « Create » button. Our team will review the extension and publish it once validated!

If you have any question or suggestion about the marketplace, feel free to contact us at marketplace@akeneo.com.

We really look forward to seeing the creativity of our community and how you will extend and improve our product!

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