Webinar Textmaster & Akeneo: discover the new extension to facilitate your data localization

Achtung: Dieser Beitrag ist mehr als drei Jahre alt. Er könnte veraltet sein.


As we announced it few month ago, we recently launched a new extension between Akeneo and Textmaster, a company providing a translation service.

With this new extension, you can directly select in Akeneo the content you need to translate, send it to the platform for a quick and efficient translation and get it back into your Akeneo platform!

We created a short demo video, as well as a white paper about internationalization and data management, and it is now time to present you in details this extension and answer all your questions about how to go global with your product information. That’s why we are holding 2 webinar sessions on January 26th, one in French at 11am (CET) and one in English at 5pm (CET).

Register now to learn all the tips and tricks of a perfect globalization of your product data!

English WebinarFrench Webinar

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