Webinar Textmaster & Akeneo: everything you want to know about our new connector

We recently worked on a new extension between Akeneo and Textmaster, a company providing a translation service.

With this new extension, it’s now possible to select directly in Akeneo the content you want to translate, send it to the platform for an efficient and fast translation and get it back into your Akeneo platform!

We created a short demo video, as well as a white paper about internationalization and data management, and it is now time to present you in details this extension and answer all your questions about how to go global with your product information.

Discover our webinar, in English or in French, to find out more about the compatibility of these 2 solutions and how they can help you to go global!

Find out more about this feature in the videos below:


If you want a complete demo or if you have questions, don’t wait and contact us!

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