Marketplace: what’s going on after the Akeneo PIM 1.6 release?

Experience feedback on this new version

With the release of the new version of Akeneo PIM, the import/export system has been fully reworked to bring simplification and flexibility. This has not been done without an impact on the extensions, and we migrated 7 of them at the release time of the 1.6 version:

Focus on the two extensions that has been the most impacted by this new version.

ByeBye ExcelConnector, Say hello to ExcelInitBundle

One of the new feature of the release 1.6 is that XSLX file imports/exports are now natively integrated. So we had to keep only the possibility to install from the “init.xlsx” file in this extension.

We also decided to use the same library than the PIM ( to handle Excel files.

The functional scope has been strongly changed as well as the technical stack, that was necessary to rename this extension accordingly with its features. For this reason, the ExcelInitBundle was born. You will find sources here: and, of course, it is under OSL-3 license as its predecessor.

However, we will continue to maintain the ExcelConnectorBundle for older Akeneo PIM releases.


This extension added a lot of possibilities to export products like exporting only a part of the products from Akeneo PIM (uncompleted products, updated products since the last export, etc.).

The export builder feature in Akeneo PIM 1.6 brings the same functionalities and pretty much more like the possibility to filter on all products properties, to export only a single locale or only some properties.

However, this extension has been migrated to allow PimGento users to always benefit from the attributes and families export to Magento. However, it won’t be migrated to the 1.7 release as we would migrate these specific exports to natives Akeneo PIM ones.

If you want to migrate your marketplace extensions, suggest us new ones, or if you have questions, feel free to contact us at

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