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Okt 06, 2022

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Announcing Akeneo Product Cloud

Akeneo announces category-changing offering, Akeneo Product Cloud, a composable solution that will enable commerce businesses to deliver omnichannel product experiences.



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Akeneo is excited to announce our category-changing offering, Akeneo Product Cloud, a ground-breaking, composable solution that will enable commerce businesses to deliver a seamless, consistent product experience across every owned and unowned channel that shows your customers the information they need in the place they want it. Built with composable technologies that not only co-exist but communicate effectively with each other, Akeneo Product Cloud creates a harmonious flow of product information between teams, suppliers, and distributors, translating to higher conversions, reduced returns, and increased customer loyalty.

After a customer has a negative shopping experience, it can be very difficult to re-engage with them and in many cases, they are lost permanently. Our research has shown that businesses who take an omnichannel approach to activating their entire set of product information are the ones who willsee long-term revenue growth. We are excited about Akeneo’s vision for Akeneo Product Cloud and believe this is what it will take to deliver world-class product experiences.

Through phases of development, Akeneo Product Cloud will include:

Product Data Studios, that serve each of the core product record components starting with a modern PIM that natively provides product asset management and syndication capabilities, as the keystone to managing and optimizing the entire product record.Additional Studios will provide support for more dynamic product information elements such as product availability management, pricing optimization, user generated content, and product lifecycle management;

a scalable Product Data Platform (PDP), to centralize and orchestrate the entire product record consumed from each of the Product Data Studios, with performance analytics to inform business strategies;

and a native App Store, that makes it easy to activate product data across any commerce channel or business application, in addition to providing solutions for seamlessly augmenting the core product information created in the Product Data Studios and orchestrated in the PDP.

Read the full press release here, and you can learn more about Akeneo Product Cloud here.

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