Please welcome aboard Ziggy, the multichannel Hydra

Achtung: Dieser Beitrag ist mehr als drei Jahre alt. Er könnte veraltet sein.

Ziggy the hydra

It took some time making that dream come true but it’s finally here; Akeneo is proud and happy to officially introduce our very own pet: Ziggy, the multichannel hydra!

You might already have seen this charming creature on our website, depicting a threatening multichannel monster facing Julia, our marketing heroin. Today, Julia tamed the hydra and turned it into a nice and friendly multichannel pet, easy to work with and not frightening anymore.

Falling in love with our tamed hydra and desperately looking for a way to adopt one?

Don’t worry, you will get a chance to get your own Ziggy in a variety of ways:

  • by visiting our booth during an event we are sponsoring (like Internet World, Magento Imagine, or IRCE)
  • by sharing with us your Akeneo PIM experience (drop us an email at
  • by contributing to the product (don’t know where to start? check out our contribution guide).

We can’t wait for our Ziggy to travel the world!

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