PIM — Unlocking Rapid Omnichannel Growth

It’s time to go omnichannel.

Not too long ago, B2B and B2C organizations alike had just one or two sales channels to worry about: their brick-and-mortar store and a print catalog. But those simplistic days have gone the way of the dinosaur, and the advent of online, mobile, and other connected devices have forced merchants of every shape and size to embrace multichannel and omnichannel commerce by selling products not just via physical stores and catalogs, but through online stores and marketplaces, mobile apps, and more.

Connecting with customers in an omnichannel world is easier said than done. It requires that companies craft compelling customer experiences. Creating these top-notch customer experiences requires the building of near-perfect product experiences, which use consistent product information delivered in context for the channel customers are using, wherever, and whomever, their buyers are.

That’s where Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Experience Management (PXM) come in. These solutions put customer interaction at the center of everything you do, ensuring your product information is complete, accurate, relevant, and delivered on time, to the right place, everywhere your customers are.

Ready to master omnichannel commerce?

To help you handle these challenges, we’ve partnered with BigCommerce to bring you a guide to how PIM and PXM can help you create successful omnichannel practices. It’s designed to help you discover and master all aspects of your multichannel business to boost conversions, reduce product returns, increase revenue, and make your team happier and more efficient in the process.

This valuable eBook will teach you how to:

  • Understand omnichannel sales and growth
  • Build successful multichannel operations
  • Put product information in the proper context for each and every channel
  • Scale operations using high-quality, contextual information
  • Tackle cross-border expansion and localization
  • Create a compelling and effective omnichannel strategy

Scale your operations Product Experience Management! Discover how to use PXM practices to grow and scale your organization across channels and locales in our eBook.


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