Webinar: Expanding Across Borders Easily And Effectively

Webinar: Expanding Across Borders Easily And Effectively

Pierce, the parent company of a group of online motorcycle and motocross parts and accessories retailers, was founded in 2006 with a small online store that solely sold parts and accessories, and had a team of just four employees, but quickly grew to operate a trio of eCommerce stores.

As the company continued to expand to new locales, and the number and diversity of products offered continued to rise, those at the helm realized they needed to make major changes in order to sustain and continue that growth — enter product information management (PIM) and translation management! Discover how the company took control of product information management eased translation processes in this new webinar with PierceAkeneo PIM, and Translations.com!

Watch the recording to discover:

  • Why Pierce looked to adopt PIM and translation management solutions
  • What made Akeneo PIM and Translations.com stand out from other solutions on the market
  • How working with Akeneo PIM and Translations.com led to better multilanguage product experiences

Watch the recording