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Every product experience is powered by product information management

Centrally manage your product information, manage and enrich collaborative processes, and improve time-to-market with Akeneo, regardless of the actual product that you sell. Implementing a proper PIM tool means you’re able to provide a compelling, consistent product experience across every channel and optimize your eCommerce presence, whether you’re selling vans, cans, or brands.

Akeneo’s PIM solution supports all businesses

PIM for Retailers and Distributors

Dealing with large volumes of product information is an everyday battle for brands and retailers – that’s why a PIM for retail, wholesale, and distribution enterprises must be scalable and responsive. Akeneo offers a PIM that helps you organize your product information, develop the right catalogs for your omnichannel strategy, and deliver compelling product experiences.

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PIM for Brands and Manufacturers

Typically, brands and manufacturers either sell direct to consumer, or sell via retailers and distributors (or both!). Whatever your strategy, different sales channels have different requirements, and your team needs a capable PIM to ensure your product information is presented in the right way for each channel.

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Whatever you’re selling, we’ve got you covered

Product information can vary wildly depending on what you’re selling. Whether you’re describing the size and weight of your newest car model, you’re showcasing the flaky, buttery layers of your handmade croissants through visual assets, or you’re highlighting your highest-reviewed pair of recycled jeans, product information can make or break your customer experience. Ensure that your buyers have everything they need to make a purchasing decision with proper product information management.

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ROI You Can Count On

Sell Faster

Improve time to market


to put your products online

Staples Canada cut time to market from 24 hours to 15 minutes.

Sell Better

Improve product performance in each channel


in-store pickup sales

Rural King grew conversions by 36% and increased sales by 34% with in-store pickup.

Sell Anywhere

Sell across more geographies and channels


sales with a digital commerce

SLV added a digital commerce channel that drove 40% of sales.

We’re here to support you through your entire process

Resource Library

Find everything you need to stay up to date on PIM and building a world class PXM program.

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Implementation & Training

Engage with Akeneo and our partner experts to ensure seamless implementation and best practices to assist in managing your PXM strategy.

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