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Create truly omnichannel experiences by meeting your customers where they are

Shoppers used to have two options when it came to shopping: call and order directly from a business, or go into a major retailer and purchase something from there. Now, there are endless digital and physical channels that consumers may discover you on, including channels primarily created to advertise and promote products. Activate your product story across marketing channels today with Akeneo PIM to creat compelling omnichannel customer experiences regardless of where customers are browsing.

Leading Enterprises Choose Akeneo for their Marketing Activation Requirements

What are Marketing Channels?

A marketing channel can be described as the set of people, processes, and technologies that work together to transfer products and services from production to consumption. From print catalogs to social media accounts to digital advertising to search engines, marketing channels make up a large potential source of touchpoints for your customers to discover, research, and purchase your products.

No Channel Left Behind

Compelling, consistent customer experiences include not just places where you strictly sell your product, but include marketplaces that advertise and display your product. Nowadays, you can’t predict when or how your customers will discover you, so activating your product story on all channels is the only way to ensure a truly omnichannel customer experience, where consumers can receive the same information and make the same purchasing decisions whether they’re browsing your website, print catalog, or social media feed.

Marketing Activation with Akeneo PIM

Manage, enrich, and link assets to associated products directly in Akeneo PIM with Akeneo’s Asset Manager and make it easier to share digital assets and product information across different channels by consolidating everything in a single source.
Once product information has been consolidated, enriched, and completed in Akeneo PIM, your team can quickly distribute this data to marketing channels via syndication by leveraging Akeneo partnerships with Productsup, Intelligent Reach, Feedonomics, Lengow and Channel Advisor.

Key Akeneo Capabilities for Marketing Activation

Use Akeneo PIM’s Data Quality Insights to ensure customers only see high-quality, accurate data in your catalogs. Spot errors, improve consistency, and track product data quality over time to ensure you’re delivering the best possible product experiences that customers demand.

Your product data is key, but so is your brand promise, your brand values, and other reference information that buyers and shoppers seek. Carrying designer brands? Promoting your sustainability and brand origin? Akeneo PIM manages reference data so you can build your story and communicate your brand’s story across all channels.

Create product catalogs with tailored product listings relevant for digital channels, such as web, marketplaces, mobile, and more. Connectors, a syndication add-on, and pre-built API-based connectors rapidly feed complete product data to leading eCommerce platforms, print solutions, marketplaces, and more.

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