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Jul 10, 2018

PIM Integrations | Part 2: eCommerce Integrations

This post is part 2 of our PIM integrations series and focuses on how Akeneo PIM uses integrations to connect with the top eCommerce solutions. For mo...



This post is part 2 of our PIM integrations series and focuses on how Akeneo PIM uses integrations to connect with the top eCommerce solutions. For more information on the benefits of PIM integrations and to learn about some of our most popular connectors, check out part 1.

PIM integrations

Product information management (PIM) solutions help organizations manage and maintain their product catalogs across all of their channels. As a result, the strength of an individual PIM system is only as good as the data that can be put in and taken out of it.

In an effort to support our customers with the most open PIM solution on the market, Akeneo has dozens of PIM integrations available in the Akeneo Marketplace. These connectors allow you to easily customize Akeneo in a way that best suits your organization. In this article, we will focus on the PIM integrations that allow organizations to seamlessly integrate with their chosen eCommerce solutions.

Pairing Akeneo PIM with your eCommerce solution will help you scale your catalog and reduce time-to-market.

eCommerce PIM Integrations

This post reviews our PIM integrations with the following platforms:

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud empowers retailers to unify customer experiences across all points of commerce. It supports organizations in their efforts to provide delightful 1-to-1 customer experiences from shopping, to fulfillment, to customer service, in an effort to increase engagement, loyalty, and conversion.

“Creating personalized, omnichannel experiences is now more important than ever for brands. […] By leveraging the power of Commerce Cloud and new integrations from Akeneo, merchants will now be able to manage their product data with greater scale and efficiency.”
–       Mike Wolff
SVP, ISVSales, Salesforce

The integration with Akeneo PIM allows users to seamlessly push their product catalog to the Salesforce Business Manager by converting Akeneo API data to Salesforce Commerce Cloud XML format for products, categories, attributes, associations, price books, and media. This PIM integration works with both the Community and Enterprise Editions of Akeneo PIM and is compliant with the latest Salesforce Storefront Reference Architecture simplifying the expansion of mobile stores.


The Shopify Akeneo Connector simplifies the exporting and importing of catalog data to your Shopify Plus store by leveraging Akeneo PIM to manage and enrich product information. The integration handles the management of all product data including collection, product variations, image exporting, and multiple store sync.

The integration enables Shopify Plus users to easily scale and grow their business by using Akeneo PIM to manage and scale their product catalog, centralize product information from multiple sources, and deliver product information reliably and consistently across all sites, locales, and sales channels.


The Akeneo Shopware Connector simplifies importing Akeneo product data into the Shopware database. It is an ideal solution for large and ambitious eCommerce projects. This PIM integration removes the need for complex, time-consuming manual edits when importing and exporting data. It automates this process to ensure that your data will always be up-to-date. Using this PIM integration, you can provide accurate product data with personalized content, targeted marketing campaigns, and Shopware’s “Perfect Product Streams.”

“Our Shopware customers are looking for highly scalable product management solutions which seamlessly fit into their IT landscape, provide a perfect user experience, and offer the flexibility to manage the complete product data lifecycle on their own. Akeneo as an open source web application meets all of these requirements and offers low entry barriers and a short time-to-market. Using the connector, we now have the opportunity to deliver integration within days without worrying about data conversion.”
–       Fabian Judaschke, eCommerce Consultant, HDNET


When it comes to Magento, there are numerous PIM integrations created by a variety of partners available in the marketplace. All of them help you easily manage and modify product information between your Akeneo PIM and Magento platforms. Which particular PIM integration will work best for your organization depends on which features you require and which version of Magento you are using.

With four different Magento PIM integrations available on the marketplace, there is sure to be one to fit your organization’s unique needs.


The BigCommerce Akeneo Connector makes it easy to manage the thousands of products within your BigCommerce store through the Akeneo PIM solution. It works with simple, configurable, and virtual types of products allowing you to easily export and import all required product data. Users can even export their own product categories, complete custom field mapping, export multiple product images, send SEO information, and filter data.

The BigCommerce PIM integration makes it easy to manage simple, configurable, and virtual products within your BigCommerce store.


If you have a large product catalog and use WooCommerce, you need the WooCommerce Akeneo Connector. This PIM integration simplifies the importing and exporting of product data between Akeneo PIM and your WooCommerce storefront. You can begin by importing your complete product data using CSV of XLSX into Akeneo and then pushing it to market. It is particularly useful for WooCommerce storefronts with hundreds of thousands of products.

Simplify product information import and export between Akeneo PIM and your WooCommerce storefront.

PIM Integrations Streamline eCommerce Product Management

With Akeneo’s PIM integrations, you can keep using the eCommerce platforms you love while easily injecting the power and ease of Akeneo PIM.

Streamline data enrichment projects and keep all your product data up-to-date.

Akeneo PIM simplifies the entire process with integrations that ensure data is imported and exported to all the right places.

What we’ve discussed here are eCommerce integrations that are currently available – but more are on the way. Look out for new integrations with Oro Commerce and Spryker which will be available on our marketplace soon.

Interested in learning more about Akeneo PIM? Contact us.

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