Five good reasons to adopt a PIM system prior to your e-commerce project

PIM (Product Information Management) is still a nebulous concept for a lot of people. And it’s sometime difficult to understand why a dedicated tool is needed for catalog management. Here are five good reasons to think about PIM before starting your e-commerce project.

Reason #5 – Earlier is cheaper


Of course it’s never too late to implement a PIM system. But the required amount of work will be far more significant, as you will need to do some reverse engineering to adapt the system to what has already be done.

And today, thanks to open source alternatives like Akeneo, integrating a PIM is no longer a complex / expensive / time consuming project. Starting your PIM journey with a first channel like an e-commerce website will help you have a cross channel approach from day one and will save you a lot of concerns related to archaic tools / processes.

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