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Mrz 18, 2020


Share your masterpieces using the hashtag #ZiggyTheHydra! ...



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Share your masterpieces using the hashtag #ZiggyTheHydra!

It’s safe to say that most of us have cabin fever by now.

We’ve binge-watched our favorite show on Netflix (or a few shows), listened to some new podcasts, and brushed up on a new book or two. But here at Akeneo, we’ve been yearning for a way to get our creative juices flowing and express our artistic sides, or trying to find a way to simply keep our little hydras away from the screen for a few moments.

Fortunately, our pal Ziggy heard our pleas and is here to help. She’s provided us with a brand new Ziggy the Hydra coloring book, filled with 12 pages of adventures to explore and relax with while coloring inside the lines (or outside — we don’t judge!)

Keep your kids (or yourself) busy and relax by creating some art with our pal Ziggy! Download the coloring book pages below and share your masterpieces using the hashtag #ZiggyTheHydra!

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