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Mrz 27, 2017

Teamwork Assistant: Effortless PIM Project Management

Here at Akeneo, we’ve always felt that project management is something that should be part of the PIM. All the tools you need to keep your team on t...



The sweet sound of PIM Success

Here at Akeneo, we’ve always felt that project management is something that should be part of the PIM. All the tools you need to keep your team on track should be built on top of your product enrichment workflow.

Truthfully, we don’t even really like the term “project management tool” at all because it implies additional work in the form of assigning tasks, defining dependencies, and creating more hassles and bumming everyone out with administrative overhead.

Product managers don’t want to spend their time creating Gantt charts – they just want all their team members to effortlessly know what they’re supposed to do next. So that’s what we built it directly into Akeneo.

The Teamwork Assistant automatically flags next activities and gently guides team members on what to do next… without any outside tools or complex configuration or extensive admin time.

We believe that the way we built this feature is fundamentally disruptive as you don’t need to hire a project manager, Akeneo will automatically do the job for you!” Camille Fourmond – Product Owner at Akeneo

No Project Manager Required!

Teamwork assistant dashboard & completeness

The Teamwork Assistant answers questions and solves problems like:


  • What products still need to be enriched?
  • Alert me when there are new products that I need to enrich


  • Which products need to be prioritized?
  • I would like to know if I’m on track?
  • I want a personalized dashboard that shows me just the metrics I care about


  • What are the missing attributes that still need to be filled in?

Let Akeneo be your project manager

Stay Focused

Teamwork Assistant keeps your team focused on the collection in front of them without you having to manually remind them or take the time to develop formal project plans.

Effortlessly keep your team productive.

Teamwork Assistant also keeps you focused on the big picture: having accurate and complete product content ready for the next collection or the launch of a new product range.

Unleash the Power of your Team!

Teamwork Assistant empowers your team to manage themselves while encouraging a culture of close collaboration. Managers can stop being distracted by the constant “what do my team members do next?” Style of questions or feeling like they need to micro-manage their teams to avoid everything coming crashing to a halt.

The best part of Teamwork Assistant is that it’s all built directly into Akeneo and requires almost no administrative overhead– your team gets their day-to-day work done, and you can focus on innovative merchandising strategies.

Reporting made easy

Teamwork Assistant also greatly enhances Akeneo’s core reporting. The Julias can start their work-day with an overview of the current product enrichment progress and easily see at a glance which products are:

  • TO DO
  • DONE

Go to Market Faster

At the end of the day, Teamwork Assistant was built from the ground-up to allow you to enrich, and approve more products faster.

We repeatedly hear from our clients that one of their favorite aspects of using Akeneo is that it’s so easy to onboard new users precisely because the user experience is so intuitive. So we’re thrilled to announce the Akeneo Teamwork Assistant because we think it will bring onboarding, collaboration, and general ease of use to the next level of effortless efficiency.

Included with Enterprise Edition

The Teamwork Assistant is included with the Akeneo Enterprise Edition license without additional charge. Any Enterprise Edition customer will find greater reporting, tracking, and ease of use by using the feature and we do encourage every company to use it.

Teams will find that Teamwork Assistant helps them create the seamless product enrichment workflows, larger team structures, and deeper collaboration that they need to achieve ever-more ambitious strategies.

It is available now. Full documentation and getting started guides are available here. Now it is your turn to go to the next generation of product management.

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