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Jan 03, 2017

Product Information Management Software: 6 Ways it Can Improve Your Life

Are you an e-commerce merchant that is trapped in a spreadsheet nightmare? Do you struggle to maintain product information and present products across...



Product Information management softwareAre you an e-commerce merchant that is trapped in a spreadsheet nightmare? Do you struggle to maintain product information and present products across different platforms? Does it take you weeks or months to update your system only to have to update it again the second you are finished? Most importantly, are all of these annoying tasks taking you away from your other job duties?

Have no fear, utilizing product information management software (PIM) can significantly simplify your life.

Abandon your cumbersome and confusing spreadsheets for product information management software!

How using PIM can change your life:

1. Centralize your data.

Many merchants struggle to keep their product information up to date and consistent across all platforms. Data quality issues make trying to list products across multiple channels a nightmare.

Using product information management software, you can easily centralize all of your product data in one location. There is no need to continue stressing about spreadsheets or the different formats of the various e-commerce platforms. All of your product data is in one place.

Centralize your product data.

2. Streamline your workflow.

Many companies have trouble maintaining product information across every spreadsheet in every department. A significant amount of time is spent updating SKUs because of spec changes, new products or a variety of other reasons. Using product information management software program simplifies this process.

Utilizing a PIM allows you and your team to spend more time on strategic merchandizing duties rather than constantly making mundane product updates. Updating product information within the system will ensure that all channels are synced with the same information.

3. Data quality is consistent.

Maintaining data quality can be difficult especially when information is constantly getting changed/updated. It can be challenging to bring together data from suppliers and new merchandise, while also keeping track of varying data requirements for each e-commerce channel. Unfortunately, Excel doesn’t have the robust tools to handle data in this way because it is simply not designed for it.

Akeneo PIM includes a data completeness widget to make maintaining data quality a breeze. This tool allows you to see what data is missing or incomplete for every product. Now, there is no reason products should be pushed to market with incomplete descriptions or missing information. Akeneo makes sure your products always look their best.

Data completeness widgets make sure your products look good on every platform.

4. Expanding your product catalog is easier.

When your product information management is a mess, it can be a daunting task to even consider adding new products or locations … because every new product family, channel or localization axis creates exponential complexity in keeping all product data up-to-date. As a result, expansion plans can be curtailed.

Using product information management software each product has its own data page and can be sorted based on your preferences. Employees can put data in appropriate sections, as well as add descriptions and other media. Having all of your products supplied with correct data means they are ready for market as soon as possible. As a result, it becomes much easier to support additional products or locations.

5. Supplier data is no longer a pain.

Suppliers don’t sell directly to customers, so the information they provide tends to be minimal and/or not-customer-ready. There is also a good chance that the data they provide is inconsistent with your company standards. It’s your responsibility to maintain consistency within your listings to ensure customers understand exactly what they are purchasing.

With Akeneo, suppliers on-board easily into the product information management system and can populate updated product data automatically. No more spreadsheets. No more cutting and pasting. No more outdated product data.

6. Export product data across multiple channels

As a large e-commerce distributor it can be difficult to ensure that every product on every channel is complete with descriptions, images, and other necessary information. Akeneo provides multiple connectors to make exporting easy. Your products can be exported to any e-commerce platform.

Akeneo only exports the information relevant for each platform. This ensures that products are displayed with correct prices, measurements, colors, and other details.

Present your products across all e-commerce platforms easily.

Your Life: Simplified.

Akeneo’s product information management software eliminates many of the tedious tasks that make maintaining your e-commerce catalog a pain. Centralized data and handy completion widgets make maintaining your product information simple. You can finally feel confident that regardless of the platform, your products will look great. Your time can be spent doing your actual job rather than maintaining spreadsheets and updating SKUs. And, with Akeneo’s data import and supplier on-boarding tools, making the change from messy Excel Hell to PIM has never been easier.

Want to see if Akeneo’s product information management software is right for you? Sign up for a demo and one of our Akeneo architects will take you through a guided tour.

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