New free Akeneo to Criteo Connector: Simple and Seamless!

Akeneo marketplace now offers a new free connector for Criteo! Developed by French partner Agence DnD, the connector bundle allows you to export XML files from Akeneo to Criteo. This connector is also available via GitHub.

Criteo is a tool to broadcast customized banners on internet browsers and social networks to better engage audiences and increase sales. Criteo uses predictive algorithms to offer product recommendations to new customers and increase conversion rates of new and existing customers.

The Criteo bundle is plug and play, and will not affect your Akeneo instance. It maps data between Akeneo product attributes and Criteo data requirements, enabling easy export of an Akeneo XML file with all required information for Criteo.

You can choose between automatic and manual modes. Use the automatic tasks (CRON) to export the data from your server or select the manual option to download the XML files directly from the Akeneo interface. Complete product information is exported, with selection options for locale, channel and currency.

Interested in more information? This webinar from Agence DnD fully explains the new Akeneo – Criteo connector:

Any questions? Please contact our partner team at

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