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Discover What’s Coming Next in Akeneo PIM

As a leading cloud-native SaaS platform, Akeneo is committed to innovating and regularly delivering new capabilities that address customer needs.

We are excited to share the features we are working on for our SaaS-based customers in the Short-term section.

Check out what we are researching and considering in the Mid-term section, and provide your feedback to shape Akeneo future features and products.


Features that are being actively developed by our team. You can expect to see them in Akeneo PIM within the next six months.

Akeneo Apps - Catalogs With Attribute Mapping

Connectivity Will be available in Serenity EE & GE
Easing app development and configuration is key for Akeneo partners and developers. With attribute mapping for catalogs developers can reduce the TCO and improve the time to deployment, since native mapping capabilities inside Akeneo PIM will enable users to connect and then map their PIM attributes to the app targets.
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Family Templates

ProductivityWill be available in Serenity GE & EE 

Family Templates offer our customers an easy and efficient way to kickstart and succeed in the catalog modeling step by providing pre-defined families for most industries. This means a pre-suggested selection of attributes and properties relevant to our primary industries. This aims to accelerate data owners’ understanding of the power of Akeneo Families & Completeness to create their product structure to match their customers‘ expectations.

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Here are the capabilities that we are currently researching and are in an early stage of development. They have a high chance of being released in Akeneo PIM in the future. Keep in mind that nothing is set in stone and these plans are subject to change.

Business Insights

Performance AnalyticsWill be available in Serenity EE
Business Insights offers operational market metrics and KPIs that track how products or product ranges perform on different markets and sales channels and help refine PX enrichment strategy based on content impact. In addition to pre-defined metrics in Akeneo, customers can also integrate some of their data into our module to explore the full potential of attribution.
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Enrichment Workflows

ProductivityWill be available in Serenity EE
Enrichment Workflows offer our customers customizable workflows that guide business contributors through the enrichment process to ensure consistency and collaboration by providing sequential workflows based on assigned tasks. This aims to enhance team collaboration and productivity, consistency and quality of product information, and accelerate time-to-market and user engagement.
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