Jul 13, 2022

The Keystone for Digital Commerce

Best Practices and Success Factors for Using PIM







Product Experience Management

A modern digital commerce environment adapts to business continuity requirements and the demand of constantly changing consumer expectations. This requires a new generation of resilient technology that operates natively in the cloud and that is extensible to support optimized and personalized commerce experiences.

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Modern headless architectures operate in a decoupled manner where the application is distinct from the platform and services that support it. These platforms use microservices and APIs to provide flexibility and integration with foundational Product Information Management (PIM) systems.

Here are three key best practices for modern digital commerce:

  1. Embrace digital commerce platforms that are composable and headless and use adaptive modern architectures.
  2. Emphasize platform extensibility to meet consumer expectations.
  3. Adopt PIM technology that provides personalized product experiences across all channels including digital commerce.

Created in partnership with Accenture, Ventana Research and Akeneo.

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