Akeneo Global B2B Survey 2020 eBook: 5 Takeaways on PIM and PXM

Early in 2020, Akeneo set out to find out just how important product information and customer experience are to B2B buyers. The answer? Very important. 90% of B2B organizations cite product information management as highly important or a top priority. 

We also discovered more information on the product information problems plaguing B2B businesses and analyzed these responses to find solutions to help you overcome these obstacles.

So, if you’re ready to learn more about the power of product information management for your customer journey, download your copy of Akeneo Global B2B Survey 2020: 5 Takeaways on the Rising Importance of Product Experience today to learn: 

  • Why product information is crucial to B2B businesses
  • What challenges stand in the way of product experience excellence
  • Akeneo’s top 5 recommendations to improve customer satisfaction with an optimized product experience