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Dec 01, 2022

Activating Omnichannel Product Experiences

Establishing PIM as the Foundation for Reaching Consumers







Omnichannel Commerce

Product Content Syndication

Product Experience Management

Significant growth in sales and marketing channels over the last decade has led to drastic changes in the software that supports commerce and product information processes. Brands must build products and services with the modern omnichannel experience in mind as consumers seek out and purchase what they want, where they want, resulting in an explosion in consumers engaging via digital commerce. Without a consistent product experience across all channels, customers get frustrated, the shopping experience is negatively impacted and sales fall.

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Complete and accurate product information is essential to the successful operation of every aspect of a business, yet our research finds that 74% of organizations require some or significant effort to manage their product information. Efforts with digital experience platforms (DXP) can help, but they fall short and can directly impact brand image and revenue when they are not integrated with product information.

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