Unleash the power of Akeneo PIM with The Akademy

The Akademy offers trainings to help our customers, partners, and system integrators acquire the skills they need to ensure successful Akeneo PIM implementations. Warning. There is a high risk that you won’t lose your money by attending these training sessions.

Master Your Data

A crash course in everything you ever wanted to know about Akeneo PIM!
Understanding Akeneo is easier than ever with training modules dedicated for both business analysts and end-users. Trainings are delivered by our consultants. Not trainers, experts in training, who would be trained to do the trainings. Real experts. They know.

Crack The Code

Developers can master the Akeneo PIM application by taking advantage of our specialized training. Discover how Akeneo works and understand the underlying architecture and code base.

Master Your Data

Akeneo implementation specialist

3 days

Akeneo tools and techniques for successful PIM implementations.

Next session(s) :

14th Jul 2020 - Instructor-led, remote, CET, 🇩🇪

31st Aug 2020 - Instructor-led, remote, GMT, 🇬🇧

1st Sep 2020 - Instructor-led, remote, CET, 🇩🇪

15th Sep 2020 - Instructor-led, remote, EDT, 🇺🇸

15th Sep 2020 - Instructor-led, remote, CET, 🇫🇷

28th Sep 2020 - Instructor-led, remote, CET, 🇬🇧

10th Nov 2020 - Instructor-led, remote, CET, 🇩🇪

1st Dec 2020 - Instructor-led, remote, EDT, 🇺🇸

16th Dec 2020 - Instructor-led, remote, CET, 🇫🇷

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Crack The Code

Akeneo developer – Integration

3 days

Essential development skills for integration of the Akeneo PIM into an IT ecosystem.

Next session(s) :

22nd Sep 2020 - Instructor-let, remote, GMT, 🇬🇧

15th Sep 2020 - Instructor-led, remote , CET, 🇫🇷

28th Sep 2020 - Instructor-let, remote, CET, 🇬🇧

6th Oct 2020 - Instructor-let, remote, CET, 🇬🇧

15th Dec 2020 - Instructor-led, remote , CET, 🇫🇷

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