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Nov 03, 2022

NRF 2023: Where retail goes to get ahead

Join us in NYC on January 15-17 at NRF 2023 to get inspiration from the biggest names in retail and beyond







Omnichannel Commerce

Product Experience Management

No matter what the world has thrown at us, NRF has been there to unite, guide and provide breakthrough insights to anyone and everyone in the industry. Join us in NYC on January 15-17 to get inspiration from the biggest names in retail and beyond, experience breakthrough technology firsthand, forge partnerships that break you away from the pack and make a plan for action that not only sets you up for success but sets you apart from the others.

During the event on Sunday, January 15th from 4:00 pm ET – 4:30 pm ET Akeneo will be joined on stage with Google to lead a session on creating compelling, omnichannel product experiences that turn browsers into buyers. Make sure to tune in!

If you’re interested in taking your product experiences to new heights, visit us at Booth 5361 or book a meeting with us in advance! We’d love to help you orchestrate, activate, and optimize your entire product story across all owned and unowned channels.

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