Cloud Edition

The only Open SaaS PIM on the market!

Akeneo Cloud Edition is a fully hosted, cloud enabled solution for companies wanting the power of Akeneo Enterprise Edition without the need to store content on premises or to deal with third-party hosting providers. Akeneo Cloud Edition takes care of running your Akeneo PIM application on a cloud infrastructure smoothly and securely, even for the most complex catalogs.

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Why choose Akeneo Cloud Edition?

  • Open source flexibility

    Open source flexibility

    • Full Akeneo Enterprise Edition source code available
    • Option to control the deployment of Akeneo upgrades and patches
    • Ecosystem of extensions from our Marketplace
  • Stay focused / Move Fast

    Stay focused / Move Fast

    • Developers can focus on features, not plumbing
    • Reduce conflict on resources between IT and business
    • Rapid installation and deployment
  • Security & scalability

    Security & scalability

    • 24×7 Monitoring
    • High-availability & secure environment based on Google Cloud infrastructure
    • If it runs on staging, it will run on production (one production environment and one staging environment included)
    • Scale to your needs

One cloud, two offers

Akeneo Cloud Flexibility Mode

The PaaS Edition of Akeneo

All the features of Akeneo Enterprise Edition in a fully customizable cloud offer. You keep the control of your installation and are free to adapt it to your needs. All our marketplace extensions are also fully compatible.

Akeneo Cloud Serenity Mode

The SaaS Edition of Akeneo

All the features of Akeneo Enterprise Edition with fully automated updates. Accessible from everywhere, the solution is easy to use without getting into the code. Updates are made automatically and you can easily connect your third-party applications thanks to our web API. Our trusted marketplace extensions are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Akeneo Cloud Edition and Akeneo Enterprise Edition hosted on a dedicated server?

Akeneo Cloud infrastructure is composed of a very large cluster of servers all working together, each contributing processing power, memory (RAM), Disk I/O and storage space. This means you are not reliant on a single server like a traditional dedicated server model. Hardware failure will no longer cause downtime and because you can pull resources from any number of servers at once, you can easily scale up and down.

Where are the Akeneo Cloud Edition servers located?

Akeneo Cloud Edition relies on the Google Cloud infrastructure. Google Cloud servers are located in over 70 points of presence across 33 countries. You can find more details here. We will select the best region to provide the smoothest user experience for you.

Is Akeneo Cloud Edition compliant with the EU Data Protection Directive?

Yes – More details here

Do I own my data in Akeneo Cloud Edition?

Yes – you keep full ownership of all the data stored in Akeneo Cloud Edition. We do not access or use your data for any purpose other than as legally required and for maintaining the Akeneo Cloud Edition services. You can retrieve your data anytime through our daily backups.

Do you host DNS?

We will provide you with a subdomain ( You can decide to use it or to use your own domain.


Get in touch with us! Send us a message if you have any questions about Akeneo Cloud Edition.