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Keep product details up-to-date
from any source
in multiple languages
across every sales channel.

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Connect to Everything

Akeneo plays well with all major data sources and ERPs, eCommerce platforms, mobile applications, print materials, and points of sale.

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Import your data

Automatically import your data from any third party system including ERPs, spreadsheets, and your supplier's systems.

Organize and classify

Organize and classify your products however you want. No more complex tabular view with hundreds of useless columns.

Enrich, edit and translate

Complete your product information, add rich media, and then translate as needed.

Built-in quality checks

Say goodbye to published products with missing values.

Publish your data

Export all product data to any ecommerce platform, mobile applicaiton, print catalogs, or point of sale interface.

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Powered by Open Source

Akeneo is open source and has a thriving community. We believe that open source & community driven software makes richer, more powerful and flexible applications. We have over 2,500 community members in 165 countries that are constantly helping us make Akeneo better and stronger.

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