Can I customise the default filters on the product grid?

The product grid allows many customisations. Amongst them, the possibility to customise your default filters. Each user can have his/her default filters on the product grid.

To customise the filters:
– Click on My Account (top right hand corner of Akeneo),
– Click on Edit to change your personal information,
– Go under the Additional Tab in your personal settings,
– Select the default filters you’d like to have for your product grid.

If you do not select any filters the system default filters will appear.

You can also customise views, columns from the product grid…


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  • j____l

    Some of my users don’t have the Default Product Grid view setting in the user settings. Why is that?

    • Laure Brosseau

      Hello, the field only displays when you have created at least one custom view.
      Before 1.7 version, you can only assign to yourself the views you have created. From 1.7 version, you can use any view (and the field appears if at least one custom view has already been created).