I’m using Akeneo PAM: which asset transformations are available?

The Enterprise Edition comes with a Product Asset Manager (PAM), it allows you to upload assets (media like images, files, videos…) into your PIM and generate transformations automatically, like automatic resizing, thumbnail generation and so on. You will find below all native transformations available, you can add more using ImageMagick library.

Here are the several media transformations available (natively you can add more):

  • resolution: change an image resolution
    possible options:

    • resolution: resolution value
    • resolution-unit: unit of the resolution (possible values : ppc, ppi)
  • colorspace: change an image color space
    possible options:

    • colorspace (possible values: grey, cmyk, rgb)
  • resize: resize an image without keeping its proportions
    possible options:

    • width: in pixels
    • height: in pixels
  • scale: scale an image
    possible options:

    • width: in pixels
    • height: in pixels
    • ratio: scaling percentage
  • thumbnail: create a miniature image (the image proportion is kept)
    possible options:

    • width: maximum width in pixels
    • height: maximum height in pixels

To set up or edit transformations for your channels, you need to edit your YML file and upload it into Akeneo.

Please note that if the reference file (the original asset) is under the transformation requirements, the transformation will not be done.

We use ImageMagick library for asset transformations, you can add more transformation types.

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  • Seer

    Which configuration file specifically do you have to edit? There are many YML files.

  • Laure Brosseau

    Hi @SeerUK:disqus, you need to use the profile: yml_asset_channel_configuration_import, please note that assets are only available for Enterprise Edition clients.

  • Anding

    I used “resize” to get a square out of a rectangular image but it keeps the proportions. Why is that ?