Pre-Sales Engineer US (M/F)


  • Assist our partners and our commercial team in the pre-sales stages with their clients (demonstrations, systems analyses, solutions design, costings, etc.).
  • Create prototypes (proof of concept) and personalized demos of the tool.
  • Attend conferences around the world to present the tool and talk about its primary use cases.
  • Engage in a tight feedback loop (in our case this means going out to drink beer) with our product team to deliver back to them client feedback that was harvested in the field.



  • You have basic professional experience in pre-sales in a software company or an IT services company. Ideally in the world of e-commerce, content management or master data management.
  • You possess a technical background and aren’t afraid of getting your hands dirty when it’s necessary!
  • You like interacting with clients and adore finding simple solutions to the most complex problems.
  • Traveling around all over the world doesn’t scare you. Neither does public speaking!
  • Even if you may not enjoy losing, you know how to analyze your mistakes and learn from your failures.
  • You speak perfect English and ideally another language as well (French, German or Spanish).




  • To have the opportunity to personally contribute to a solution that is open source, that is experiencing full-fledged growth, and that is international in scale.
  • To prove to the world that it is possible to work in friendly and relaxed conditions, all the while delivering quality work for clients from the biggest international brands.

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