Experienced Frontend|Backend|Full-stack Developer (H/F)

Our engineering team gathers 40 passionate engineers who build and maintain our 3 different products (PIM, Onboarder, Pim.ai). The team is organized in 8 autonomous squads, each owning an activity or a stand-alone product. Each squad gathers all required roles and skills to fully handle its respective mission.


  • Join the Akeneo core team to contribute to our products and deliver high added value features to our customers
  • Work on a daily basis as a part of a multidisciplinary squad (lead dev, devs frontend devs, backend devs, full-stack devs, product owner, UX designer & devops) to design, build and bring our products to life
  • Improve and optimize existing products & services (scalability, performance, interoperability, etc)
  • Contribute to the evolution of our technical stack
  • Share your knowledge and experience to your teammates and learn from them


  • Regardless of your background, you have a significant experience (4+ years) in crafting large web applications and want to learn more!
  • You like to understand the customers and their needs to challenge and build the feature that will perfectly answer the problem
  • You’re curious about Domain Driven Design, Behavior Driven Development, Software Craftmanship and related practices such asEvent Storming.
  • You enjoy to design and write backend code in PHP7 (OOP, Symfony, etc) OR you enjoy to design and write frontend code in Javascript (vanilla js, typescript, backbonejs, reactjs, redux, etc) OR maybe both! (We have open positions for frontend, backend, and full-stack developers)
  • You want to contribute to high-quality products and you’re not afraid of writing tests (unit, integration, acceptance, end-to-end)
  • You love to learn. You already built an overly complex application or a piece of code that was not stable and hard to maintain. You learned from your mistakes and you’re ready to make new ones with us!
  • You want to practice systematic code review and you’d like to do more pair programming?
  • You’re interested in Agile practices like Scrum, Kanban, and eXtreme Programming
  • You speak (a bit) English (strong French accent is ok) and want to improve by practicing every day? A dedicated teacher will help you! Reading and writing are a must have for written communication, however, most of the squads work in French on a daily basis

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