What is a variant group?

A variant group is a group of products having common attributes, for instance a variant group of T-shirts will gather the same model of T-shirt ‘V-neck T-shirts’ with variation axes: color and size for instance.

Variant groups have a code, but cannot belong to a family nor a category.

Variant groups in the Community Edition offers you the possibility to manage variations at a very basic level in the PIM.

Please note that one product can be only linked to one variant group, in the same way, the PIM will not allow you to have more than one product having the same axis variations as other products. For instance, you create a variant group for mobile phones: only the capacity and color will change for each mobile phone, if you try to add 2 products with the same capacity and color, the PIM will return you an error.

For more specific needs regarding product variations management, the Enterprise Edition features an additional bundle, called Inner Variation Bundle, that allows you to manage parent and child products directly within the product grid.

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