How can I setup automatic emails at the end of a task?

To be able to send emails, you need to configure the following parameters in the file app/config/parameters.yml
mailer_transport: smtp
mailer_host: localhost
mailer_user: ~
mailer_password: ~
mailer_from_name: Akeneo Admin

Don’t forget to clear your cache after editing this file.

To send emails, note that your application must have access to an email server, for instance : sendmail.

The import and exports are run with the command php app/console akeneo:batch:job and some extra options, the ’email’ option is used by default.

So, once your mailer configuration is done, emails should be sent at the end of each import / export to the user who triggered the operation.

For imports and exports runned through a crontab, you can configure the ’email’ option of the command.

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