Building High-Quality and Complete Product Information

Using Best Practices and Technology Investments to Optimize Product Value

Consistent, accurate and actionable product information is essential for a smooth-running business. However, Ventana’s “Next Generation of PIM for Business” benchmark research finds that only 16 percent of organizations fully trust their product information processes, which makes this issue an urgent business priority.

Embracing PIM should empower an entire organization to work together to manage and improve the quality of product information so that it is comprehensive and complete.

“By 2021, 1/2 of organizations will use a modern dedicated PIM environment to manage product processes and provide high-quality product experiences.” Said Marc Smith.

In this white paper from PIM thought leader Mark Smith at Ventana Research, you’ll learn best practices and understand:

  • why it is important to embrace data quality for product information
  • why managing product data as an asset is critical
  • why it is important to choose the right technology for PIM
  • the business benefits from a dedicated PIM and better product data quality

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