Podcast: La economía de la experiencia, con Joe Pine

Podcast: La economía de la experiencia, con Joe Pine

The experience economy has arrived.

Experience has become the main differentiator in many customers’ buying decisions, and the difference between success and failure in the omnichannel age often comes down to just how good your experience is. But while we’ve been feeling the effects of this “Experience Economy” for a long time now, Joe Pine, internationally acclaimed author, speaker, management advisor, and co-author of the ground-breaking book entitled “The Experience Economy: Competing for Customer Time, Attention, and Money,” says this is only the start of the reign of experience as the top priority in customers’ buying decisions.

On the debut edition of the Product Experience Podcast, host John Evans is joined by Joe Pine. The two discuss the rise of the experience economy, highlight some of the best examples of positive product experiences, and predict where commerce will go next.

Topics include:

  • The growth of the Experience Economy
  • Why experience matters in B2B
  • What an “authentic experience” is, why consumers value them, and how to create one

Master Product Experience Management! Discover how experiences became the main differentiator for consumers in the omnichannel age, learn more about the future of commerce, and master the secrets to success in the Experience Economy

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