With Akeneo, we can enrich much more product data and help our customers more easily find what they are really looking for.
Bruno De Schepper

Product Manager

Novia, founded in 1984, is a family business specializing in the sale of architectural fittings such as door handles, furniture handles, bathroom accessories, taps, and letterboxes. The company sells a total of 200,000 products from 5 different suppliers, 7,000 of which are also sold via their eCommerce store.

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In the past, Novia worked only with an ERP system that would be a substitute for a PIM, containing limited product data, as well as images and technical files. There was no database offering access to the product information needed to easily filter and properly complete products. Novia took the first step toward multi-channel selling by setting up a website that customers could use to add products to a wishlist and receive an offer. This involved manually transferring necessary product information from the company’s DBfact ERP system, which was a time-consuming task.

However, the company eventually decided that, in order to build a fully structured webshop and sell via marketplaces such as Amazon.com and Storesquare, an ERP link via PIM would be necessary.

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