New extension: Akeneo2GlobalLink, to connect Akeneo PIM with GlobalLink Connect

We are pleased to announce a new connector for translations now available on the Akeneo Marketplace! Thanks to our partner StrikeTru, you can now connect your favorite PIM to’s GlobalLink Connect translation management system, using the Akeneo2GlobalLink Connector.

Translations made easy:

This extension allows you to send product content from Akeneo PIM for translation. In one streamlined process, you can submit the contents of single or multiple products – from one source language into one or more destination languages –  to GlobalLink Connect for translation.  Once product content is translated, the translated content from GlobalLink Connect is automatically updated in Akeneo PIM.

How to use Akeneo2GlobalLink for translations:

  1. On the Akeneo product grid, select the product(s) you want to send for translation
  2. Click on the Mass Edit operation, and select the “Translate Content” operation
  3. Select your content source language (translate from) and one or more target languages (translate to) for translation
  4. Specify your project ID and submission name
  5. Submit your product(s) to GlobalLink Connect in just one click
  6. Track the status of translation requests in the PIM Translation Dashboard

Once translations are complete, the translated content is automatically imported back into Akeneo PIM into the appropriate products.

This extension is compatible with Akeneo PIM 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, and 2.0 and enables translation to all locales supported by Akeneo.

To learn more about this new connector, visit our Marketplace or contact Harry from our partner StrikeTru!

Interested in localization? Learn more in our white paper “From Overwhelming to Organized: Scaling Global Product Management” and see how Akeneo can help.

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