Akeneo Cloud is now available, check out our new offers!

We told you about it four months ago at our Partner Summit, and it’s now ready. We are happy to announce that our Cloud offer is officially available!

Akeneo Cloud Edition is a PIM-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for companies that want to benefit from the Enterprise Edition without having to deal with the management of storage. Akeneo Cloud Edition allows you to run your Akeneo PIM application in the cloud, so you have a smooth, secure and no risk experience, even for the most complex catalogs.

One Cloud, Two Offers

Because we know you have different needs, we have developed two different offers to fit your requirements:

Akeneo Cloud Flexibility Mode, a.k.a. the PaaS Edition of Akeneo

Available since March 2017, find all the features of our Enterprise Edition in a fully customizable cloud offer. This version allows you to maintain control of the updates without having to care about the maintenance and gives you the freedom to adapt it to your needs. This is the only Open Source PIM Cloud offer on the market: there is no black box effect, you can see the code and benefit from our community. Also, all our marketplace extensions are fully compatible.

Akeneo Cloud Serenity Mode, a.k.a. the SaaS Edition of Akeneo

Coming Soon in September 2017, the Serenity Mode is a basic version of Akeneo Enterprise Edition in a SaaS offering. Accessible from everywhere, this is a turn-key solution, simple to use without getting into the code. Updates are made automatically and you can easily connect your third party applications thanks to our web API. Plus our trusted marketplace extensions will be fully compatible as well.

If you have questions about the new offerings, check out our webpage or contact us at sales@akeneo.com.

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