Need a new way to pass the time? It’s safe to say that almost all of us are on the hunt for new hobbies or pastimes to help us occupy ourselves in the coming days and weeks. 

Well, fortunately, we’ve got just the thing. Check out Akeneo’s new Ziggy Jumper online game! 

Go on a brand new adventure with Akeneo’s very own Ziggy the Hydra as she jumps from platform to platform, climbing as high in the sky as possible. But be careful! Danger lurks around every corner, and if you don’t watch your step, you could soon be watching Ziggy plummet back to the ground 

When you’re done, share your score with the Akeneo PIM community on LinkedIn and Twitter with the hashtag #ZiggyJumper to see how you measure up with other product experience enthusiasts!


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