Akeneo is a real milestone of the expansion of Espacio Industria.
Emiliano Sammartino

Project Manager

Espacio Industria was launched in 2015 as the e-commerce division of the first Argentinian B2B industrial marketing agency Espacio Marketing. They provide tools, machines, and accessories for professionals and industries, with a specialization in hand tools, power tools, welding, and metrology.

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Espacio Industria needed to channel the energy and enthusiasm of their small, innovative team to improve process efficiencies and reduce time to market. “We like to be the first to implement new innovations – being a marketing agency, it’s good to be up-to-date with what’s going on on the market.”

Process inefficiencies: for 3 years they managed all product-related information in Excel files and Magento 1 but working with thousands of Excel files became difficult
and unmanageable. “We could not work like this any more – it was too complicated and time-consuming with Excel.”

Duplication of effort with high error rate and time delays: all product data had to be uploaded and maintained on 2 separate platforms with different requirements – Magento
and Mercado Libre, a popular South American marketplace.

This doubled the risk of data errors.

In addition, the time spent updating and maintaining each product on two platforms doubled the time required to manage product information.

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