The PIM, a valuable tool for a fast digital transformation!
Renaud Montin

Director, Marketing and Digital

Eram is a family business founded in 1927 in Saint-Pierre-Montlimart, France. The company is motivated by a constant drive to provide quality fashion products at the best price. Catering to the whole family, Eram offers a wide range of shoes and accessories. As an iconic brand, Eram has 350 outlets in France and abroad.

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E-commerce now accounts for 15% of the market and is expected to reach 20 to 25% by 2020. Eram has built a digital transformation plan: “Digital now takes an ever more significant place in the shopping journey,” declares Renaud Montin, Director, Marketing and Digital. “Challenged by these changes as an historic brand, Eram had to reinvent itself. We searched for new infrastructures and have redesigned our businesses to transform e-commerce into a powerful channel.”

To ensure the success of its digital transformation, Eram partnered with an e-commerce consulting agency. It appeared Eram needed to create a clean and structured product catalog to improve its e-commerce performance: “The PIM turned out to be THE solution to meet our e-commerce challenges.”

The Customer Experience becomes critical to the digital transformation strategy launched by Eram. This comprehensive strategy is outlined by Renaud Montin: “The evolution of the shopping journey has changed. It begins on the Internet and ends in the store. These changes require that we adapt so our customers can gain the best shopping experience, regardless of the channel. The PIM is at the heart of the strategy developed to maximize the shopping experience. We firmly believe the customer is the same whether on the Internet or in a store. Centralizing product and customer information, and easily distribute it across all channels, allows us to offer a clean and consistent experience to the consumer, at any stage of the shopping journey. To achieve this objective, the PIM is a powerful tool! “

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