Our legacy of price comparison taught us that sales are directly connected to product data quality! Building a platform where product data quality is central is key.
Fabien Bedot

Marketplace Operation Manager

Déco.fr is a “Content Commerce Platform” dedicated to household goods, decoration, and gardening. It was initially a price comparison site featuring the furniture displayed in the famous French TV show “D&CO” presented on the M6 channel. The M6 Group completely separated the TV show from the digital magazine at an early stage. Thanks to its traffic, déco.fr is now the French leader in the home and garden supplies vertical marketplace.


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The M6 Group created déco.fr, an online magazine that extended the D&CO experience by providing tips and tricks for the home. In the early stages, the business model was to propose a vast range of products with a pricing comparison that connected the Web visitor with partner vendors. Revenue was generated from deals signed with vendors thanks to a commission based mostly on the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) and sometimes the CPA (Cost-Per-Action). In 2012, the pure player had “a brainwave” (déclic) when PANDA, the first major quality update of Google, was launched. “It was like a tsunami. For example, some very famous pricing comparison sites like Twenga lost 80% of their traffic in few days.”

At this moment, déco.fr realized that their position was not tenable on a long-term basis. They decided to radically change their business model and engaged in a massive transformation plan. They were determined to become a marketplace and control their own sales funnel in order to ensure their survival.

“We have a clear “reason for being” on the market. As a specialist, we have a qualified audience and significant traffic. If you sell “Home & Garden” products, déco.fr is THE place to be, with an attractive and complete offer for brands. We position ourselves as the only “Content Commerce Platform.” This means that we combine the expertise of an experienced editorial team with an e-commerce team to create a large product offering with top advice from editorial.”

Selling products directly to the customer was a major shift in how déco.fr did business and it forced them to redesign their entire information system.

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