Our website release cycle dropped from 3-6 months to 2 weeks using the same people.
Kyle Minor

Web Developer / PIM Project Architect and Admin

  • Time to market chopped by 90%
  • Productivity multiplied by 20x
  • Enabled brand expansion

AUTOCUSTOMS sells aftermarket automotive accessories in the US market across 6 different website brands. They are in the process of aggressively further expanding those brands, the breadth, and depth of their product SKUs, and geographic markets.

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The biggest issue that had to be resolved was that there were multiple e-commerce websites built on various e-commerce platforms. AUTOCUSTOMS needed a team of 15-20 people dedicated solely to managing the product data across those platforms. It was a very inefficient use of resources. So they started focusing on putting product data all in one place, so it could be redistributed from a centralized location.
Previously AUTOCUSTOMS used Excel for managing product information. This resulted in repetitive and errorprone CSV and Excel imports into and out of the various e-commerce platforms.

The genesis of the PIM project was the realization that AUTOCUSTOMS had a huge number of people essentially stuck in a hamster wheel. They were constantly just trying to keep the six sites up-to-date. Staff wasn’t able to innovate, expand markets, or make meaningful strategic changes because keeping up with routine product updates was taking up all their time.

Akeneo was highly recommended by Magento to AUTOCUSTOMS. They chose Akeneo after testing it and seeing how efficient it seemed. AUTOCUSTOMS primary goals were to increase
productivity and quality of work. This, in turn, would allow them to unleash the creativity of their teams. Staff would finally have the time to create strategic improvements across the businesses while at the same time allowing them to expand and pursue new markets— all without increasing headcount.


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