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Nov 07, 2022

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Digital Buyers Expect Engaging Product Experiences

Created in collaboration with Ventana Research, this infographic provides insights into creating compelling and consistent product experiences for your customers across every channel.


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Organizations enable buyers to engage across multiple channels, but product information housed in silos can lead to inconsistent cross-channel digital buying experiences. Modern Product Information Management (PIM) technology activates engaging merchandising and contributes to revenue growth by providing the foundation for delightful product experiences, which in turn are the cornerstone of a satisfying customer experience.

Challenges with Enabling Product Experiences
The digital buying experience has evolved from a transactional purchase to an immersive, personalized experience. Consumers now expect brands to provide quality content and engaging experiences during every step of their journey, from research to purchase. By 2024, one-third of organizations will deem existing marketing technologies ineffective to intelligently engage buyers in personalized digital experiences.

Engaging Product Experiences Require PIM
Digital buyers are consumers who use a variety of devices and channels to research, purchase and review products before making a purchase decision. The emergence of these digital buyers means higher expectations for omnichannel shopping experiences, and retailers and brands must adapt to meet their needs. They want a seamless, personalized, and easy experience that is unique to them.
But by 2024, we estimate that one-half of all marketing organizations will lack the competencies and skills in PIM to ensure effective digital experiences, leading to a shift in focus and investment.

Gain Confidence from your Modern PIM Investment
The digital buyer wants to experience a product before they buy it, and that experience should be consistent across channels. By 2024, one-quarter of organizations will embrace a new generation of PIM for effective product marketing across any channel for a digital- and experience-first priority. This will provide the ability to create a unified view of all product information, including content and imagery across owned and unowned web, print, eCommerce, and social media. This allows your team to create a consistent customer experience across any channel.

To learn more about how PIM can enable your organization to provide compelling, consistent, and up-to-date information across every channel and truly optimize your customer’s experience, you can download the full infographic Akeneo created in collaboration with Ventana here.

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