[White Paper] Kill your spreadsheets before your spreadsheets kill you

You’re not alone. Spreadsheets are the most commonly used product information tool out there. The only problem is that spreadsheets are terrible at product information management and enrichment.

This guide is a practical tool that outlines how to simplify your chaotic workflow into one of simplicity and power.
Are you still managing and enriching product information with spreadsheets?

Inside this White Paper, you will find different information:

Kill your spreadsheets before your spreadsheets will kill you

  • How PIM impacts your bottom line
  • How you can simplify your work
  • How to connect and automate your data sources
  • How you can enrich and update your product information
  • How you can publish different versions for different channels, platforms, and locations
  • Then you can focus on your real job

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[White paper] From Overwhelming to Organized: Scaling Global Product Management

In the next 5 years, cross-border ecommerce is expected to reach $424 billion, according to Forrester. Currently 42% of shoppers are only buying online in their native language; it is then obvious that retailers need to localize their business in order take advantage of the cross-border opportunity.
This means adapting your product information and marketing to new audiences. But when your catalog has thousands of products and changes several times per year, it can seem impossible to localize everything!

That’s why we are partnering with Textmaster, an online platform for translation, to create a guide on how to manage your product data on a global scale. Through concrete examples and industry best-practices, you will learn how to organize and scale your product data in order to reach global audiences.

Inside this White Paper, you will find different information:

  • Key steps to identify promising markets and localize your product offer
  • Processes for adapting your marketing and business to new markets
  • Country guides for promising cross-border markets
  • Technology overview for managing data and translation workflows

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Want to learn more? Join our webinar!

We are holding a webinar with Textmaster that will go into details about how to take on your international expansion. We will be covering a lot of topics, from choosing the right country target market to the elements that need to be localized. You will also get a step-by-step walk through the translation process in a PIM.
We are organizing two sessions on Thursday December 8: one at 11am EST for the French speakers and one at 5pm EST for English speakers.

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