Back to the Future: Akeneo PIM Marketplace Accelerator

The marketplace is both a critical proofpoint and mechanism of Akeneo’s intention to build a thriving PIM ecosystem. Akeneo is committed to helping partners expand the core capabilities of Akeneo itself– far faster and wider than one company could achieve on its own. We also know that a PIM is useless in a vacuum so we’re encouraging the ecosystem to build connectors and integrate third party applications everywhere they can.

The marketplace assists:

  • Akeneo clients who needed to expand the capabilities of Akeneo and/or connect Akeneo to external systems like Magento or Demandware.
  • Technology partners like TextMaster who wanted to leverage Akeneo to power additional sales for their own products.
  • Integrator partners who wished to build and maintain new extensions for use by the entire community.

The marketplace has been a big hit since its initial launch 18 months ago and has significantly accelerated overall market adoption of Akeneo while increasing partner revenues and client satisfaction. We currently have 25 different extensions from 14 different companies in the marketplace with another 15 in active development.

It’s a great start. But we can do more!

We want to make it even easier and more profitable for our partners to create and promote an ever-increasing variety of quality extensions. So we’ve created a dedicated team and a package of services devoted solely to improving the success of our marketplace partners.

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The first Akeneo Partner Summit took place last week, and it was awesome!

On December 1st & 2nd, Akeneo held its very first Partner Summit in Paris, right next to the Champs Elysées. It was a special event for us, full of expectations and we feel that we’ve achieved all our objectives! It has been two intensive days with lots of good meetings, nice stories and we spent a tremendous time with all of our partners.

We gathered more than 60 people, from 25 partners among 8 different countries, to present our last version, Akeneo PIM 1.4 but also to exchange about the partnerships and Akeneo’s roadmap. Some of our technological partners and sponsors also presented their solutions, real value-added tools for our users. The day ended with a business cocktail, close to the Eiffel Tower.

Thank you to all of our partners and sponsors for being here with us and being part of this amazing journey!

You will find here some photos of the event…

APS 2015 (1)     APS 2015 (2)


Goodbye MagentoConnectorBundle! Hello PIMGento!

In the previous blog post about our Magento Connector “Magento Connector : Present and future”, we talked about the future version 2 of our Magento Connector We already invested some months of work in the new version as you may have saw in the Magento Connector Github repository.

Then our partners and friends from Agence Dn’D came to us with a radically different solution. Based on their Magento expertises, they developed PIMGento: a Magento module that allows Magento to digest native CSV files from Akeneo to import attributes, families, products and variant groups.
Not only this module was pretty complete, but it was blazingly fast! And if you read our previous blog post about our Magento Connector, the main issue we were trying to tackle was exactly the performance issue.

Pretty impressed by what we saw, we decided to take a small break, a deep breath and reconsider our position on our Magento connector.

When you look at it from a bird’s eye view, the PIM is really a hub on which data arrive, get better by being enriched/translated/cured and then are sent to the channels.

There is not doubt that connectors represent a big part of the solution. But at the same time, developing connectors for all existing ERPs, file formats, ecommerce systems, print systems, etc, is a giant task. A task that Akeneo alone, without a community, would never be able to achieve.

So our vision has always been to focus on the product itself and to provide a framework for creating connectors that allow to integrate new data source or channels easily. And with that, we were pretty confident that, from the community, will emerge connectors for the most popular applications.

In the case of Magento, it was a little bit different, as we wanted to offer our customers a Magento Connector almost from the start of Akeneo PIM’s life. Indeed we were expecting that the Magento ecosystem would be very close to our own nascent one.

But finally, the community did better than us and what Agence Dn’D produced is a better connector than what we have and even better than what we wanted to do. And that’s the reason why we decided to stop the development of our own Magento connector.

This decision was not an easy one to take, as some months of work were already invested in version 2. But at the end, it was the most logical decision and a decision better on par with our product and connectors vision.

The current version of our connector (1.2) will be supported until the next Akeneo release (1.4, expected for September this year) and discontinued after this release.

The Agence Dn’D module is available here: and you can get all the installation instructions here:

You can also find a short demo video illustrating how fast and powerful PIMGento is here:

We will announce very soon a first webinar to present this new connector so stay tuned! In the meantime the Agence Dn’D team will be able to demo their great work on our booth at Imagine next week!