NEW eBOOK: The Dummies Guide to Product Experience Management

Selling products isn’t what it used to be. 

The world of commerce is rapidly changing, and customers have more choices than ever before, meaning that delivering a consistently great customer experience everywhere is a must. Retailers and brands who go beyond delivering simple product information and build an emotional connection with customers will win.

But offering customers compelling experiences is often easier said than done. Providing these top-notch experiences requires crafting compelling product experiences — consistent product information delivered in context wherever, and whomever, your buyers are. 

That’s where Product Experience Management (PXM) comes in. PXM is a science that puts customer interaction at the center of everything you do. It’s about ensuring your product information is complete, accurate, relevant, and delivered on time, to the right place, everywhere your customers are.

Ready to master Product Experience Management?

To help you handle these challenges, we’ve partnered with Tessa and Productsup to bring you a guide to building successful PXM practices. It’s designed to help you discover all aspects of this new science to boost conversions, reduce product returns, increase revenue, and make your team happier and more efficient in the process.

This valuable eBook will teach you how to:

  • Understand the Experience Economy
  • Craft compelling product experiences
  • Put product information in the proper context
  • Create emotion with multimedia assets
  • Tackle product content syndication
  • Master the 10 Keys to PXM success

Get your Free Copy > Master Product Experience Management! Discover how to build successful PXM practices in this new eBook.

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