The second edition of Akeneo Partner Summit was last week, what happened?

We organized on November 29th and 30th our second edition of the Akeneo Partner Summit, this year in Nantes, to make our partners discover our beautiful city. A 2 day-event full of conferences, workshops, Q&A sessions, good times and of course, party!

Ziggy APS2016 Nantes' Castle

We started in Nantes’ Castle with the plenary to present an overview of the past year and its achievements, to introduce some new teams at Akeneo and last but not least to announce the upcoming release of Akeneo PIM 1.7 and our Cloud Offer! The afternoon was animated by our sponsors, Mirakl, Oro, and Shopware, presenting their solutions. The plenary ended with the first session of our Partners Awards, rewarding the Contribution of the Year, the Project of the Year, and the Partner of the Year. We then reached Akeneo’s Headquarters for the Royal Party sponsored by Priint. The second and last day was still in our office with different workshops and Q&A sessions.

img_5715 img_5785 Royal Party

We gathered during this event more than 100 people, from 27 partners among 7 different countries. It was invigorating and so nice to have all our partners around. If you want to revive the event, have a look at #APS2016 on Twitter or check out our photos album!

Thank you to all of our partners and sponsors for being here with us and being part of this amazing journey, we can’t wait to do it again next year!

Akeneo Cloud Edition: Get Ready!

During the 2016 Akeneo Partner Summit, we introduced our partners to a new product offering that we have been working on for many months and that is particularly dear to us: Akeneo Cloud Edition.



When we launched the first beta of Akeneo PIM at the end of 2013, we did so with the strong belief that product data would become a key asset in the deployment of a multichannel strategy, and that marketing teams needed a tool to enable them to regain control over data.

But not just any tool.

They needed a modern, open and simple tool that was:

  • Simple to learn and use every day: Team productivity and data quality are closely tied to the usability of the tool manipulating your data.
  • Simple to customize: Each catalog is unique. Regardless of the number of products, attributes and variations in a catalog, the PIM tool should adapt without requiring systematic development at every change or enrichment of the data model.
  • Simple to connect: A PIM tool is a data hub. By itself, it is useless. It needs to be able to easily exchange data with systems surrounding it.

We worked on this concept of simplicity for the last 3 years. And with over 2 new installations of Akeneo PIM every hour worldwide, we believe that we are on the right track!

However, by interacting with our customers and partners, we realized we still could bring still more simplicity to additional areas:

  • While our technical environment is actually quite standard (LAMP platform), it is still difficult for some of our customers and partners to completely overcome the challenges related to the underlying infrastructure: application server, database, cache, etc.
  • Some of our users don’t customize Akeneo very much or at all. They wish they could easily update Akeneo without going through specific upgrade procedures.

To address these recurring requests, we are presenting today Akeneo Cloud Edition: A release offering the same features as Akeneo Enterprise Edition, but fully hosted and managed by our teams in a hyper-streamlined environment. This simplified environment will allow product teams to focus on what’s essential: Products.

This is not just a simple offering to host the Akeneo solution in the cloud. Akeneo Cloud Edition will enable customers to switch between two modes at any time:

  • Serenity mode is designed for users who do not require advanced customization. They can use Akeneo with the same benefits as those offered by a SaaS solution (with transparent and automatic updates) while still benefiting from the contributions of our ecosystem (extensions in the Marketplace).
  • Advanced mode enables the most demanding users to customize Akeneo with the same level of granularity and freedom as the on-site version of Akeneo Enterprise Edition, but without any of the challenges associated with a technical infrastructure.

This is the real innovation of Akeneo Cloud Edition: Being able to choose between the simplicity of a SaaS solution and the flexibility of a PaaS solution at any time!

And to help all of you benefit from Akeneo Cloud Edition in Serenity mode, we are currently working on a new web API that will support the addition of more connectors for any third-party technology. It will be available in all editions of Akeneo (Community, Enterprise and Cloud), version 1.7 and above.

And since we’re talking about the product roadmap, we are pleased to announce that Akeneo Cloud Edition Advanced mode is already in use by some of our customers, and will be available to all in March 2017. Serenity mode will be available in September 2017.


We sometimes hear that it is impossible to combine the scalability of an open source solution with the peace of mind provided by a SaaS solution. However, we strongly believe the two are compatible. We’re particularly excited about this new edition because Akeneo Cloud Edition is the first PIM offering the best of both worlds: The only Open SaaS PIM.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to publish a series of articles providing technical and functional details about this new edition. We may even have a few more surprises in store for you! Stay tuned…




“Prix du public 2015” : Vote for Akeneo!

This year, for the first time, Akeneo is nominated for the “Prix du Public” award.

This prize is the “little brother” of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award organized by the agency Ernst & Young.

Every year, EY rewards these men and women who make people want to start their own business and bring back the confidence on the growth and the competitiveness of the French market.

For this prize, we recorded a Pitch Up video full of cheerfulness, with a great part of the Akeneo team, hoping it will make you want to vote for us:

You can vote for your favorite start-up until September, 24th!

We count on you!


Cette année pour la première fois, Akeneo est nominé au Prix du Public, petit frère du Prix de l’entrepreneur de l’année organisé par l’agence Ernst & Young.

Chaque année, EY récompense les femmes et les hommes qui donnent envie d’entreprendre et redonnent confiance en la croissance et la compétitivité du marché français.

Dans le cadre de ce prix, nous avons réalisé une petite vidéo “Pitch Up”  dans la bonne humeur, avec une grande partie de l’équipe d’Akeneo, en espérant que cela vous donne envie de voter pour nous.

Vous pouvez voter pour votre start-up préférée jusqu’au 24 septembre !

On compte sur vous !